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The 3 Keys to Growing a Dental Practice: The Hands, The Head, & The Heart

September 4, 2019

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hands holding heart

If you plug “How to grow my practice” into a search engine right now, you’ll find plenty of “gurus” who basically all offer the same advice. Take more continuing education. Get to the office earlier. Offer more services. Market to get more fee-for-service patients. Every year, countless dentists take this approach, and yes, they might see their profits go up…but they are still miserable.

I found myself in the same position for years as a successful but unhappy dentist in New Hampshire, and after doing a lot of research and soul searching, I figured out that going for better numbers isn’t the only way to improve a dental practice. Eventually, I came up with my Hands, Head, and Heart philosophy, and it was a real game-changer, both for my day-to-day experience in the office as well as my balance sheet. Today, it’s at the core of what I teach my clients, and you can learn a little bit about how it works by reading on below.