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How’s Your 2020 Vision?

January 7, 2020

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A few months ago, I visited my optometrist for an annual eye exam. Prior to visiting him, I thought my eyesight, with my existing eyeglasses, was fine. I could see the street signs while driving my car and was able to read the words on my computer screen. Based on those two factors alone, I thought my vision was perfect. During my examination, I was shocked when I could not read several of the letters on the eye chart. I was totally unaware that the vision in both of my eyes had weakened and that my eyesight had worsened during the past year. I was grateful I had gotten a check-up. Now with my new glasses, my eyesight was back to normal; I was able to see things more clearly.


CPR – Comprehensive Practice Review

December 19, 2019

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Bringing Life Back to Your Dental Practice

Just as performing CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation can bring a person back to life, CPR or in this case a Comprehensive Practice Review is a great way to bring new life to your dental practice. In other words, a CPR gets to the heart of what matters most.


Utilizing DISC in the Dental Practice

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DISC- It’s More than Just a Frisbee

A Great Way to Help Your Practice Soar

What is the DISC? DISC is an easy to understand personality assessment system that looks at observable behaviors. For me, it was one of the keys to my successful solo, fee-for-service, dental practice of 28 years. How does the DISC work and what does it measure? The assessment measures how direct or indirect someone may be in their communication. For example, you may ask yourself if the people you are talking with are more open or more reserved in their communication? Does this one person like to talk or are they better at listening? Also, the DISC identifies peoples’ priorities. Are they more oriented towards completing tasks or they a “people person?” What about a person’s pace of life? The DISC assesses that attribute as well. Do they tend to talk, move, or make decisions quickly or do they operate at a slower pace, tend to be quiet, and need more time to think about things? The DISC helps you see and identify these different aspects of behavior. In the DISC system, there are four basic styles of identifiable behavior: The Dominant/Driver or the “D”, The Influencer or the “I”, The Sustainer/Steadiness or the “S”, and The Conscientious/Analytic or the “C”.


3 Keys to Making Your Practice Stand out from the Pack

November 9, 2019

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standing out from the rest

It seems like dental offices are a dime dozen these days. Most dentists want to establish their own practice, be their own boss, determine their own hours, etc. All of those things are great perks for you as a dental professional — but you cannot just assume that growing a dental practice is easy or automatic. A major key to having a successful, long-term business is having qualities that make your practice stand out as unique. Let’s discuss some things you may be able to do to make your practice a true standout amongst its contemporaries.


3 Ways Great Communication Can Help Grow Your Dental Practice

October 24, 2019

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dentist shaking hands with patient

Every dentist that contacts me basically says the same statement in one form or another, “I want to know how to grow my practice.” Often, the previous advice they’ve gotten revolves around taking more continuing education courses, getting more certifications, or spending more time at the office. At Dynamic Dental Communications, I’ve helped dentists and specialists increase their profits and their fulfillment without telling them to simply “work harder.” Sound too good to be true? In essence, the secret is effective communication, which is largely lacking in many offices without the doctor or staff even realizing it! Here are just a few ways great communication is essential for growing a dental practice.


The 3 Keys to Growing a Dental Practice: The Hands, The Head, & The Heart

September 4, 2019

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hands holding heart

If you plug “How to grow my practice” into a search engine right now, you’ll find plenty of “gurus” who basically all offer the same advice. Take more continuing education. Get to the office earlier. Offer more services. Market to get more fee-for-service patients. Every year, countless dentists take this approach, and yes, they might see their profits go up…but they are still miserable.

I found myself in the same position for years as a successful but unhappy dentist in New Hampshire, and after doing a lot of research and soul searching, I figured out that going for better numbers isn’t the only way to improve a dental practice. Eventually, I came up with my Hands, Head, and Heart philosophy, and it was a real game-changer, both for my day-to-day experience in the office as well as my balance sheet. Today, it’s at the core of what I teach my clients, and you can learn a little bit about how it works by reading on below.