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Dental Practice Coaching & Consulting

Personalized Guidance Just For You

What do you want to improve about your practice? Looking to get more new patients or become more fee-for-service? Need to improve your team’s dynamic so everyday tasks can be accomplished efficiently and you’re not having to constantly hire new people? Whatever your goals might be, Dr. Maguire can help you reach them, and he’ll put together a personalized plan designed to work with you and your staff’s unique personalities. To get started with a FREE 30-minute phone consultation with him, contact us today.

Why Choose Dynamic Dental Communications for Dental Practice Consulting & Coaching?

  • Able to Increase Numbers and Personal Fulfillment
  • Dentist/Consultant with More than 30 Years of Experience
  • No Contracts—Start & Stop Whenever You Like

High-Grade Dental Coaching

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While other dental consultants are happy to offer cookie-cutter advice to all of their clients, Dr. Maguire’s coaching strategy is to figure out what makes dentists and their teams tick so he can fully tailor his approach. That way, he can help them achieve what they want in the most effective and efficient ways possible. His goals with every client are to help them:

  • Develop their mission, vision, and values
  • Clearly define their goals and objectives
  • Prioritize what’s most important to them
  • Make their dreams a reality with clear, actionable items

Top Quality Practice Consulting

Dentist and dental office team in treatment room

When you partner with Dynamic Dental Communications and Dr. Maguire, he won’t simply look at your numbers and tell you which ones should go up and which ones should go down. He’ll work to get to know the people that make your practice what it is. This way, he can show you how to figure out the exact path towards your goals. In order to do this, he’ll:

  • Assess the dynamics of the dentist and team using the DISC Assessment Tool
  • Examine all oral and written communication
  • Evaluate current systems (scheduling, collections, fees, etc.)
  • Develop your leadership and communication skills
  • Work to increase your profitability, joy, and happiness

The Dental Coaching Process

Step 1: The Journey Begins

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  • Dr. Maguire will perform an initial inquiry similar to a new patient examination.
  • He’ll gather general information about the dentist, such as their concerns, desires, and expectations.
  • He will briefly explain his approach and overall philosophy.
  • He’ll come up with a general plan and work with the client to decide what should happen next.

Step 2: The 4 Key Questions to Discovery

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For most practices, the key to their success lies in the answers to four seemingly simple questions. Based on someone’s answers, Dr. Maguire can help a client figure out which actions to take. The questions are:

  • What is going on in your practice right now?
  • What are your feelings about your practice right now?
  • What are your thoughts about your practice’s future?
  • What do you want to achieve both now and in the future that is different?

Step 3: Propose Recommendations and Plan

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After Dr. Maguire has determined what your goals are and evaluated the personalities of you and your staff, now it’s time to create an action plan. This will involve:

  • Clearly outlining long and short-term goals and expectations.
  • Providing recommendations that are presented and agreed upon.
  • Coming up with a personalized plan for success that’s outlined in detail.

Step 4: Initiate Plan for Success and Monitor

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Once your plan is put into action, Dr. Maguire will not simply wish you well and never speak to you again. He’ll follow up to make sure everything is working, plus he’ll advise if any adjustments need to be made. He’ll do this by:

  • Staying in consistent communication with you and your team.
  • Monitoring the ongoing communication systems within your practice (with your knowledge and consent).
  • Evaluating your results in relation to your goals.
  • Helping augment your plan to reach your goals faster or change direction if needed.